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Hello! I'm Rose Fortune and I'm so glad you found this blog. I will try to give a little insight on different aspects of the tarot with each post.

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Clyde Fortune, has been working with a journalist. Together, they have been telling stories of recent crimes in our wonderful village, Crystal Haven, Michigan.

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What people say?

“A tightly plotted, character driven triumph of a mystery, PALL IN THE FAMILY had me laughing out loud while feverishly turning pages to try and figure out whodunit. This novel sparkles with charmingly peculiar characters and a fascinating heroine, Clyde Fortune, who effortlessly shuffles the reader into her world like a card in a tarot deck. Eastman is fabulous!”
–Jenn McKinlay, NYT bestselling author of the Library Lover’s Mysteries.

“A kooky small town filled with eccentric characters, psychics, and murder… a stellar launch.”
Kari Lee Townsend, national bestselling author of the Fortune Teller Mysteries