Canine Couture

author// dawneastman

In which Violet Greer talks to animals.

I have a troubling and unfortunately not unusual case this week. Francesca is a French poodle. Poodles are notoriously intelligent (often outsmarting their owners). She is well on her way to taking over this household.

“I ‘ave no problems to deescuss wiz you. I am tres fantastique, no? Look at moi. I ‘ave a beautiful sweater and a matching chapeau. I am so lucky to live wiz zee lovely girls. My seester went to live with some ‘orrible boys. Zhey never dress ‘er in couture and she eez always muddy. Zhere is only one boy in my ‘ouse. ‘E is le daddy. I should not say zees, but I am ‘is favoureet. Why would I not be?”

Francesca was a difficult session. She wouldn’t deign to discuss any of her problems with me. Her family reports that she monopolizes the father’s time, steals hair ribbons, and demands only home cooked cuisine. I’m not sure I will be able to get through to her, but I will report back as I work with her. Have you ever had a demanding pet? Have you ever suspected your dog is smarter than you are?

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